Yes. I went alone.
No. It was not scary.
Yes! It was the most incredible trip of my life.

If I told you about my travels through Spain + Portugal it would literally sound like it came out of a storybook. Instead of making you jealous of my trip, I will give you my two cents, highlights and my over all experience as a young beautiful gal traveling alone.

If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of feet

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gill and nick-0597.jpg

This summer I took on Coco Events & Weddings as one of my clients. Monti and Lara approached me and asked me to help them with their social media and be their event planner assistant. Here are a few photos of the past events I have assisted with and feel free to check them out on all their social media platforms to see my work!

John Volken Academy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Just Because Vancouver


This summer I began my own freelance PR business,  Just Because Vancouver is one of my clients. I developed a mini media relations plan, story pitch, and currently run all their social media platforms.

I got the amazing opportunity to help them with an Ultimate Proposal Giveaway! That featured local Vancouver vendors such as, Big Love Ball, Indochino, Cavalier Jewellers, and Barber & Co..


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The Mad Lab Foundation

In my Media Relations class this semester, each group of student had to find a client and help them with gaining media attention. My group reached out to The Mad Lab Foundation, a registered non-profit foundation founded in 2015 with a message of  “Help Local, Aid Global.” Their mission is to seek out local charity initiatives that have been under the radar due to lack of awareness and funding.

My group decided to help out one Sunday morning to make and hand out sandwiches to the downtown east side.

We then proceeded to help promote their organization and reach out to the media to see if they were interested in doing a feature on The Mad Lab.

Link to the article posted in Vancity Buzz by Nicolle Hodges:

For more information about The MAD Lab please visit: