Instagram VS. Snapchat

Introducing: “Snapchat Instagram Story”

I literally said wtf is this.. are you kidding me.

It’s another thing we have to manage and look after. I could just imagine all the other social media strategists out there wanting to pull their hair out.

Thoughts: Do I boycott snapchat, post the same thing on both platforms, or what should I do? It felt like it was a life or death situation tbh lol.

At first I was annoyed but then again it’s not like Instagram was about to be like “Okay, we understand that people don’t like change and you guys love Snapchat.. so we’ll just go back to before.”. I mean they already replaced our feeds with a “algorithm-driven” tactic to ensure we miss all the photos our close friends post (insert eye rolling emoji).

Social media and technology in general is always changing. It’s either you go with flow, learn, and master the new things thrown at you or you can sit there with a pouty face and be stubborn. I can tell you one thing.. no one is listening to your pouty face and you’re only going to be one step behind and before you know it you’re playing catch up.

Luckily I have tried my best to dissect this new contraption we call “Instagram Story“!

The need to knows:

  • It’s essentially the same as snapchat story.
  • If you tap left on a story it brings you to the previous slide or previous person’s slide.
  • Tap right and it goes to the next slide.
  • No, you cannot see if someone screen shots your slide/story.
  • No, there is no hoe dog filter.
  • No, there are no funny stickers or funny filters. (yet.. I’m assuming)
  • No, you cannot place emojis in different places. It can only be within the text box option.
  • There are filters with different lighting features when you swipe left/right on your photo/video before publish it.
  • Next to the pen colour options there is an icon with three dots – tap it – it will allow you to adjust the size of your brush.
  • No, you cannot send your story to a few specific individuals.
  • BUT, you can have certain individuals not see your slides and story.. but you have to manually select each person through your ‘story settings’.
  • People can DM you through your Instagram Story.
  • If you don’t want people to DM you in relation to your Instagram story you can set in ‘story settings’ – Everyone, people you know, or off.
  • Instagram stories will delete itself after 24 hours.
  • Try this – Hold down the colour option you want and it will pop up a rainbow of colours you can choose from other than the options they give you!

I presume a lot of businesses might be upset since they might have just launched snapchat, or were considering launching Snapchat. I can tell you that Instagram launching “Instagram Story” is a huge pro for you!

What’s in it for you and your business?

  • You get to reach a wider audience!
  • You don’t have another platform you need to manage. (We all hate remembering passwords)
  • There are more people using Instagram than Snapchat.
  • Instagram Story allows you to have a closer connection and be on a more personal level with your followers.
  • Show the fun side of the office!
  • This is your chance to reveal some trade secrets, take us for a walk through of your office, and demonstrate how your product is made and put together.
  • Snapchat messaging is great for when people have questions about your specific pictures/videos but they don’t stay for a long period of time and would need to be saved each time. With Instagram it is archived and they are there for you to refer back to.


I wanna see all your awesome Instagram Stories – follow me @Ndrealynn!

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