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서울 Korean BBQ Heaven

Here is the first of three travel blogs I will be posting. I just thought it would be too much information to pack into one single blog, because in reality all three destinations that I visited are so different and they each deserve their own! To begin Ben booked this trip for us back in Summer 2017 and was my birthday gift from him. Here we go…

Korea – Everything you thought Korea would be… is exactly what you thought it was going to be haha. Aka .. Soju, Korean BBQ, Rice Cakes, Fried Chicken, and a shit ton of face masks.


Cost: $1000 CAD Spending Money | $870 CAD Airbnb 
Duration of stay: 7 Days
Favourite restaurants: Korean BBQ (listed above) & Ice Cream at Baekmidang (best soft serve I’ve ever had. Don’t get the soy it’s just not the same)

What I loved about Korea
– Cheap face masks, Cheap food, Cheap shopping
– Korean BBQ er day!
– Fish cakes every corner you turn! (The street vendors are the best!)
– Bath house scrub loll (read below)

Food you have to try in Korea
– Raw Crab
– Moving Octopus (It’s actually not that bad… I ate 3 pieces)
– Korean BBQ … DUH!
– Fried Chicken
– Street food – after 4pm in Myeongdong


Where did I stay – Airbnb – Gangnam

Gangnam was a nice area and had both rowdy areas with amazing food and also was quite enough that if I wanted to get away from all the craziness I could do so. Many people stay here for their first time visiting Seoul. Next time I think I would stay in Hongdae just because I like the shopping and late night eats. Our airbnb was a 5 min walk to the Gangnam train station. We fit 4 people in our airbnb and I think that would be the max I would do. I personally hate crowding, especially since there was only 1 bathroom lol.

No need to tip! Most countries in Asia do not have a tip option.


Site seeing and things to do
I personally don’t like doing touristy things that I know have a huge ass crowds cuz I rather eat and shop. Here are the few things I would highly recommend doing:

Siloam Spa – $ – Bath House & Body Scrub
You have to try this place out! It was an unreal experience and both Chelsia and I came out feeling like a new born baby. If you’re afraid of being naked in front of other women (men have their own area) then I would not suggest doing it, but whatever they don’t know you lol. The baths are great but I would highly recommend trying the full body scrub. They have old ladies that scrub you down and scrub all your dead skin off!! It’s not THAT painful but you feel amazing afterwards. and no they don’t scrub your pussy.


Meerkat Cafe – $
I knew I wanted to pet Meerkats so I found this place in Myeongdong. Its called a cafe but you don’t actually eat or drink there haha. It was about $12 CAD to enter and play with the Meerkats. I like that this cafe was not super busy and also have baby kangaroos, cats, and a racoon. It was the only chance I would ever get in my life to be this close to these live animals and be able to pet them so I would totally suggest going for the experience.

Korean BBQ – $, $$, $$$
The moment of truth… where had the BEST Korean bbq? TBH most of the KBBQ spots in korea were all solid. If you want bomb ass Pork Belly KBBQ hit up this joint – 두껍삼 강남직영점.

However, one of the best place we went to was actually the ‘second’ spot that the ‘Worth It’ guys hit up in Seoul. We went to the first and second places featured in their video and thought the second place was amazing. link to video

Fried Chicken – $$
Guys… I don’t usually say chain restos are amazing (except churches chicken) but this Korean fried chicken joint was solid.


Cute Cafes – $
I made a quick stop in this area called ‘Mapo-gu’ to visit this cafe called ‘Zapangi’ because the front of it had a vending machine as a door haha. However, all around this are were a bunch of cute cafes and shops next to each other. I wish I spent a little more time around here and spent the afternoon cafe hopping.


There is tons of shopping to be done girl. BRING YOUR PASSPORT – If you bring your passport they deduct the tax to your purchases if you spend over a certain amount.
Face masks and beauty products – Myeongdong
Style Nanda shopping/roof top cafe – Myeongdong (You’re gonna get tons of cute instagram photos at this place)
Clothes – Ehwa (styles are similar to Aritzia & Oak and fort)


If I were to visit Korea again I would most likely want to see Jeju Island and Busan. I hear the people there are more friendly and chill.

If you want to know more about my Korea trip and see my video then watch my story highlight – ‘Korea‘ on my instagram page. Be sure to follow me to see where I am off to next! >> @NDREALYNN

Organize your life.

No matter if you’re a part-time freelancer or a full-time one you need tools and apps that are going to help you stay organized. I’m the type of person that can remember a million things off the top of my head but these apps definitely help. I have shared my top favourite time tracking, task management, invoicing, accounting, and contract apps below and why I love them! Oh yeah I forgot to mention they’re all FREE!


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Networking can be fun!

Networking has always been hard for me (surprisingly). But, it’s how I build connections and found clients. It’s a tool that will always come in handy!

These questions always pop into my mind:
“oh… should I introduce myself now?”
“Shit… I only brought 4 business cards and one went into the lucky draw!”
“Ugh.. how do I leave this convo without making it awkward.”


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Hi Everyone,

As I haven’t updated this page for a little while as some of you may know I start my own Digital Marketing Agency, TRADEMARK AGENCY! You can find all my clients on there as well as a little back story about each of them and what I do for each of them.

We work with clients all the way from Tech to Bridal to Hospitality! We love working with boutique style companies and supporting local businesses. If you want to work together feel free to contact me!

Thank you,

Andrea 🙂

Vancouver eats.

I eat a lot. Like a lot. If you’ve ever watched my snap chat or instagram stories it will ALWAYS consist of some sort of food. Whether my bf cooked it or I’m out eating my face off. I live for the next meal haha. If you’re wondering what I’ve had for the past few months you can check my instagram highlighted ‘SNACKS’ story!


I thought I would put together a list of restaurants and things I like from each restaurant for you guys. I travel so much and eat so much so I want to start a City + Food series. It won’t be a billion blog posts but something simple enough that if you’re heading to

eg. Hong Kong or Barcelona you can click on my personal list.


Everything that I have listed below are just my opinions and a lot of places I’ve eaten at might not be on the list cuz I didn’t want to list out every damn restaurant in Vancouver LOL. If you want to know about a particular restaurant in Vancouver feel free to message me and I’ll let you know whatsup!
FullSizeRender 7

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Soy Candles FTW

Peach Bellini.
Black tie.
Japanese Cherry Blossom.
Sweet pea.
Vanilla Bean Noel.

What does all that shit have in common? No, not that they’re all from Bath and Body Works! They are all made with paraffin wax.

Gurl before I understood how bad cheap paraffin wax candles are for you… I was always stocking up at Bath & Body Works for their seasonal scents. If you know me now I am a huge soy candle lover after I discovered how much better they are and not to mention how much longer they burn!

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Focused + Fabulous

As “5 Facts about me” have been circling Instagram like crazy and making me feel like I’m on a deeper level with everyone I follow (when I am clearly not) I thought about revamping this question.

So here are my answers to the questions I get the most about. My job. Cuz clearly no one cares about my life facts but more so my job facts haha.



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Sweet Cabo

My getaway to Cabo was short and sweet. I knew I wanted to go somewhere hot and not too far so it was either Mexico or Hawaii, but Hawaii would have cost me an arm and a leg so Mexico it was. I looked at a couple resorts and contemplated if I should book online on my own or through an travel agency. I ended up booking my trip at Flight Centre in Richmond Centre with Lance. I had a bunch of Christmas gift cards to the mall so I used those towards my trip. Flight Centre also price matches deals you find online. After going on this trip I am 100% happy that I booked through the travel agency, and I will tell you just why.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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Becoming a Digital Nomad?

What is a Digital Nomad?
Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle means relying on the internet to financially sustain a modern nomadic life. This relatively new trend allows you to become location independent and constantly move between cities as countries while working remotely.

This type of lifestyle has definitely crossed my mind more than once and was one of the very reasons why I decided to leave my 9-5 office job. The thought of travel excites me and so does my job, so why not combine the two?


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